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01 Sep 2010

nanonavi® Virtual-Care® upgrades to version 3.03

Hong Kong, Sept 1, 2010 - Nanomatic, a global company that makes mobile social applications and GPS/GSM/Sensor devices, today announced its mobile secure application - nanonavi®-VC, has upgraded to version 3.03, which integrates Alert and monitoring service into a customized, comprehensive, and easy to manage solution. nanonavi®-VC supports remote configuration and is available on Mobile-Phones using J2ME, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone, Android and soon Blackberry. Concurrently, nanonavi®-Virtual Care® is now available by Web Browser (http://www.nanonavi.com/web), providing ‘Net of Care’ on multiple platforms – mobile phones, call-centre operations, social networks and web.

nanonavi® Virtual-Care® can instantly turn mobile phones and Web into personal monitoring platform, as well as becoming a personal Alert and monitoring device. It gives users a breakthrough security functionality to care remotely for person and assets, anywhere in the world. Additionally, nanonavi-VC gives users the ability to locate and monitor small nanofinder® GPS/GSM/Sensor devices placed with children, elderly, pets or inside valuable assets, like car or boxes with valuables during transit. With high assignability, users can freely allocate a nanofinder® between person and/or asset based on actual need, reducing the cost of having a dedicated device for each object.


About Nanomatic

Nanomatic is a leader in Nano-Information-Technology, and creates software for enterprises around the world, as well as secure mobile social applications and location aware devices for the consumer market. The company was founded in London, has R&D headquartered in Hong Kong, with marketing and sales offices in Silicon Valley, California.

Products: nanonavi®-VC

For more information please visit www.nanonavi.com.

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