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04 Apr 2014

Nanomatic® supports Google® Glass™

Hong-Kong, Sunnyvale, April 4, 2014 - Nanomatic®, a global development company of Location Based Mobile Technology for smartphones, tablets and wearable computing devices announce the support of Google® Glass™ by its Nanonavi® solution for the Consumer and Logistic market.

"We did enhance our software to support Google-Glass so that businesses can fully exploit the potential that wearable smart glasses can bring to the enterprise," said August Bo Schnabel, Chairman at Nanomatic. "We predict that in the enterprise, Glass and similar wearable devices will enable 'hands free' inventory management, procurement and asset tracking"

Market analyst predict that companies using Google Glass or other wearable devices could save $1billion a year in field service costs within the next five years, The 'hands free' element of the technology would be a major factor in its growth, particularly in industries with employees working off-site, such as field service, healthcare and manufacturing. Whilst less than 1% of companies are using 'smartglasses' currently, in five years, 10% of organisations with field service workers will have taken up the technology.

Nanonavi for the consumer market is a secure mobile application to care about family members, friends, pets and valuable goods using Nanofinder® location aware devices.

Nanonavi for the Logistic market is a comprehensive warehouse management, asset and vehicle tracking solution using Nanofinder location aware devices and "hands free" Google Glass.

Nanonavi-App is available for iPhone® and Android® devices, Nanonavi-Web for popular Browser



Sheila Yam, sheila@nanomatic.net



About Nanomatic

Nanomatic is a leader in Nano-Information-Technology, and creates software for enterprises around the world, as well as secure mobile social applications and location aware devices for the consumer market. The company was founded in London, has R&D headquartered in Hong Kong, with marketing and sales offices in Silicon Valley, California.

Products: nanonavi®-VC

For more information please visit www.nanonavi.com.

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