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16 Jun 2009

Nanomatic Announces nanonavi-VC™ Application
Now available in Apple App Store

Sunnyvale, CA., June 16, 2009 - Nanomatic, a global company that makes mobile social applications and location aware devices, today announced the availability of its nanonavi®-VC and for Virtual-Care™"application in the Apple App Store. The new nanonavi-VC app for iPhone and iPod touch allows users to combine and display all the relevant profile information of friends and family from every major social network and then map their locations. Additionally, nanonavi-VC gives users the ability to locate and monitor small nanoFinder devices placed with children, family, friends, pets and inside valuable items such as cars and boats. nanonavi-VC is in the Apple App Store for a limited time introduction price $2.99 (List $6.99)

A key feature for nanonavi is Virtual-Care™ which gives users a breakthrough personal security functionality to care remotely for family-members, friends and possessions, anywhere in the world.

“We hope the nanonavi-VC app will change the face of caring for, locating and communicating with friends and families using iPhone or iPod touch,” said Nanomatic chairman, August Schnabel. "We see nanonavi-VC as a compelling use of next generation location-based mobile technology and powerful features like Virtual Care will help families and friends communicate and care for each other."

nanonavi-VC is a secure mobile social app that gives users a breakthrough personal security functionality to care remotely for family, friends and possessions anywhere in the world. Features include:

• Virtual Care feature provides caring, alerting and finding alerts for children, elders, pets and assets like cars, boats, luggage, etc.

• Find and monitor your possessions by adding small nanoFinder devices in cars, boats, and valuable items people carry and ship with them. nanonavi as a personal “call-center” and lets users monitor and configure all devices

• Instant, location-based communication with family-members including an alert-function and nanonavi Geofence

• Mashes up all the relevant profile information of family and friends from major social networks like Facebook, MySpace, BeBo, Hi5, Orkut to map to locations. Communicate with your friends in different social-networks.

nanonavi-VC is available from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore/

About Nanomatic

Nanomatic is a leader in Nano-Information-Technology, and creates software for enterprises around the world, as well as secure mobile social applications and location aware devices for the consumer market. The company was founded in London, has R&D headquartered in Hong Kong, with marketing and sales offices in Silicon Valley, California. For more information please visit www.nanomatic.net and www.nanonavi.com.


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