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22 Jan 2008

”Real-life” social-network supports ZigBee Home-Automation

Hong Kong, London, Miami, January 22, 2008

myrimis/ nanonavi, the most comprehensive-location-based-social network offered today on personal computers and mobile phones supports with immediate availability the ZigBee global-standard for Home-Automation (HA).

The myrimis platform allows the user to set up their own "Real-life" location-based social network including family members, friends, pets and assets like cars, boats and home, and create innovative services like virtual-caring for persons, pets, cars and home.

HA provides standard interfaces for the control of lightning, HVAC, power outlets, motorization, security, audio/video and other devices.

By automating and centralizing control of all these individual systems from virtually everywhere, HA increases comfort and security, and most importantly, becomes more efficient at reducing our need of energy.

"The growing global focus on improving energy efficiency can play a key role in introducing consumers to the value of home automation solutions," said CEO August Bodo Schnabel. "ZigBee is ideal because it is a standards-based technology with worldwide approval."

About myrimis, nanonavi

* create your own "Real-life" location-based social network, including family members, friends, pets and assets like cars, boats, homes
* send and receive messages from myrimis and nanonavi users
* search for family members, friends, pets, assets like cars, boats, homes and POI's like hotel, restaurant, airport etc. worldwide on street and satellite maps
* find new friends worldwide, based on a range of search criteria
* get turn-by-turn directions to all search results
* create your own multimedia diary by adding text to geotagged photos from nanonavi
* do the virtual-care of persons, pets and assets with the support of geofence and tracking functions by nanonavi
* monitor and control your homes (temperature, light, alarm), cars, boats and other assets in distant locations worldwide
* send an alarm message in an emergency situation
* create special groups of sales/customer service staff or vehicle fleets for business applications
* download nanonavi to any Nokia Symbian S60 mobile phone



The ZigBee Alliance is an association of companies working together to enable reliable, cost effective, low-power, and wirelessly networked monitoring and control products based on an open global standard. The ZigBee alliance membership comprises technology providers and manufacturers worldwide.


NANOMATIC is founded on many years of experience in the development of complex data networks and geographical information systems. As early as 2000, the company successfully developed telematic systems and portable navigation systems. Since 2004, based on the observation and analysis of the individual and social behaviour patterns of human beings, NANOMATIC has developed modular software products that automatically adapt to the requirements of the individual user.

NANOMATIC is operating from Offices in Hong Kong-SAR, London-UK, Miami-USA and is backed up by Venture Capital from Asia and USA.

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