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31 May 2011

Latest version of nanonavi®-VC® Ver. 3.04 now supports iphone, Android and BlackBerry Phones

Hong Kong, May 31, 2011 - Nanomatic, a global company that offers breakthrough personal caring and monitoring functionality, and makes GPS/GSM/Sensor devices(nanofinders), today announced the release of its latest version of mobile secure application - nanonavi®-VC which can work seamlessly with most of the GPS trackers available in the market.

nanonavi® Virtual-Care® can instantly turn mobile phones into your own personal monitoring platform, receiving emergency Alert directly from trackers. It gives users a breakthrough security functionality to care remotely for person and assets, anywhere in the world. The trackers can easily assign to different person or asset based on actual need, reducing the cost of having a dedicated device for each object.

"We believe the emerging of GPS smartphone will open the security and monitoring service to users at a much lower cost and convenience" said Mr. August Bodo Schnabel, CEO of Nanomatic Limited.

Key features in the latest version:
1. Auto update of object location;
2. Supports multi-language;
3. Faster map engine;
4. User can assign tracker to different object from time to time;
5. Can invite friends to take care of your object;
6. Support emergency alarm, out of bound geofence alert, continuous and single tracking with sound or vibration alert.


About Nanomatic

Nanomatic is a leader in Nano-Information-Technology, and creates software for enterprises around the world, as well as secure mobile social applications and location aware devices for the consumer market. The company was founded in London, has R&D headquartered in Hong Kong, with marketing and sales offices in Silicon Valley, California.

Products: nanonavi®-VC

For more information please visit www.nanonavi.com.

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